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Best beaches in Casablanca

Posted on 25 September 2017 by admin (0)

Casablanca is the place a beach must never miss. It has tens of beaches and each beach has its own attractions. People who need to relax themselves can surely visit each beach a day and enjoy sunsets and sun worshipping from different angles and positions. The best time to visit these beaches is summer, as you can easily swim and spend quality time with your family. Morocco’s Casablanca is one of the most visited places for tourists and casual travelers. Although there are many famous and non-famous beaches in Casablanca, but below are the top beaches you can visit in Casablanca.

1 – Beach Ain Diab

Named after the famous Ain Diab, this beach is in the center of the city and is very famous amongst local people and foreign travelers as the beach has everything to offer for its visitors. Deep divers and normal swimmers can easily enjoy the pleasure of warm clean water and summer nights can be very special where musical concerts and volleyball matches are arranged by the local community. One can easily enjoy this place and can also dine in to nearby cafes and beach clubs, where you can meet many celebrities from all around the world. Yes, this beach is so famous that famous celebrities from USA and UK visit this place on frequent basis, to spend quality time with their friends and family.

2 – Monica Beach

Located in Mohammadia, this peaceful and calm beach is located in the outskirts of Casablanca and that is why it is free of any noise and air pollution. Tourists from all around the world visit this beach to relax and enjoy the fresh breeze of air this beach provides. If you are visiting this place this summer, make sure that you do not litter this place as this beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the world.

3 – Babaloo Beach

Located in Tamaris village, this beautiful resort turned beach is famous amongst adventure and hunting lovers. This beach is also located in the outskirts, but has a fantastic scenery with stunning photographic location. Picture and photography lovers will surely enjoy this place in the weekends and can swing by in the famous garden inside the beach.

4 – Houzia Beach

The best beach for wild life photographer, Houzia Beach is located in Al Jadida, which is famous for shipbreaking and environmental friendly. This place is also famous amongst surfers, where surfers can enjoy long and large waves with a lot of security for their life protection. Tourists usually visit this place in summer end, as the waves are very high and they can enjoy walk surfing easily.


These were the top 4 beaches to visit in Casablanca. Although there are more than a dozen beaches in Casablanca, these four are the best and most famous for all age groups. Now is the time to get tickets for Casablanca from your home country and enjoy the most amazing days of your life.

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