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Top 3 Favorite Asian Countries

Posted on 29 December 2017 by admin (0)

Asia, the most populous continent of the world. Its territory stretches out from Turkey to Russia and all the way down to Papa New Guinea which makes it almost impossible to explore all of it at once.  Saturated with nations that have a timeworn historical heritage, each people has is thick with their own and very unique folk culture and tradition. The birthplace of many artists, writers, prodigious leaders and important historical figures.

JAPANOne of greatest lands to exist in the largest continent of the world. Japan is dense with Buddhist cultural values and the most oddly intriguing festivals. Not only Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world, the people are very humble and lovable. More than a dozen festivals are celebrated throughout Japan to rejoice trivial things such as the Jinjitsu which is the Japanese “human day” and the Awa Dance Festival which is one of the largest attractions for tourists.

Other than that the Japanese are globally recognized for their electronics because of their scientifically progressive mechanical industry that the world depends upon. Japan is also the most peace loving country filled with beautiful landmarks, natural and manmade. Beautiful places like Tokyo, Osaka and Hakone are the chief Japanese cosmopolitan cities with striking infrastructure and spots with great religious importance such as the Meiji Shrines and the Imperial Palace.


Singapore is also an island city near Southern-Malaysia. Singapore is though, a small country but is beyond beautiful and adventurous than several Asian countries. It has a plethora of attractions for tourists to scour and marvel at. Singapore is not only visited for the sole purpose to catch a glimpse of the remarkable nature and panoramas but then again Singaporean food, art and culture are all amazing too.

Their bazaars are notoriously huge with an array of colors and cuts to suit your choices. For those who love to explore the country is filled with amusement activities, folk and cultural festivals are celebrated all around the year that attract more than a billion vacationers.


Thirdly, there is Russia. The once superstitiously feared country which is quite underrated when it comes to the marvelous features that it inhabitants. It is truly one of the most charming countries in the world decorated with surprisingly exquisite natural topographies. The weather may be a bit unbearable in the winters but its illustrious cities like Moscow, Mink and St Petersburg are exceptional and extraordinary.

The country is universally famous for being the heart of ballet due to the pioneer bringer of ballet music and legends. Moreover, many millions of tourists visit Russia for its tundra, lush forests and semi-stifling beaches that are the center most attractions other than its enormous museums filled with art collections.